About Flow of Life


Flow of life is based around how one can begin to explore a healthy way of living - in every aspect of how we commune.


Our signature class is YogaFlowBarre (a ballet barre yoga blend with a flow) however we also run regular yoga classes, personal training sessions, detox packages, skin therapy and massage treatments.


We work with a number of qualified nutritionists who provide advice on food nutrition and the options available to adopt a healthier lifestyle, as well as offering raw food packages. We partner with A Touch of Raw who will help you to live the lifestyle that every being would benefit from. Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, from dancers to gymnasts. We all however share one common belief;  To live a long and vibrant life we must have a healthy lifestyle. Check what we offer for more information on all our services



Meet Your Instructors



 Kamilah Duke 

 Kamilah has a background of nutrition and performing arts, her mother is a natural nutritionist and father was an actor. She started  ballet at the tender age of 3 and has been dancing ever since. She has since studied and mastered a wide range of dance techniques  and is a qualified dance choreographer and yoga,barre instructor. At 16 Kamilah discovered yoga, loved it and became dedicated to  practicing. Since then she has continued to explore and engage in all types of yoga from Hatha to Ashtanga to Bikram. She believes  that yoga should flow and be practiced with music, as vibration is the very music of the body. Kamilah believes that this is the thrust  behind both dance and yoga which allows the body to both be free as well as heal.  


Urte Skrodenyte

Urte is a dancer, choreographer and lover of all forms of movement. Originally from Lithuania where she started dancing in her childhood, Urte attended the School of Arts in her home town Joniskis, where she mainly practiced Lithuanian traditional folk dance and ballroom. After completing a 5 year course in the School of Arts she became a member of the folk dance group ''Ratilis'' whom she has been participating with at various festivals and competitions. In 2010 Urte came to London to study contemporary dance and recently graduated from Middlesex University where she was studying contemporary dance techniques, ballet, yoga and Tai Chi. Urte is interested in exploring the sensations of movement embodiment - the integrity of the body, mind and soul through the movement meditation. She is creating minimalistic compositions inspired by visual arts. During her time studying she embarked on a yoga course and with her dance background, the yoga barre became like second nature to her.


Eirini siakalli

Eirini is a qualified dancer, gymnast and yoga instructor. She began gymnastics in Cyprus at the age of 5 and came to London at 21, where she discovered contemporary dance and then went on to study dance. She believes that it is through movement that you can really express yourself and is extremely passionate about yoga and dance. Eirini is also a freelance choreographer and dance theatre teacher. "Always be active.... and with my love for gymnastics stemming from childhood... being active is the only way I know"


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